Murder charges filed in 18-year-old cold case

After 18 years on the lam, Brian Scott Poquette, 46, has confessed to killing two men by the Mississippi River.

Frank Bismark Brown and Gregory Paul Anderson were murdered on June 15, 1992. On the night of their deaths, Poquette was drinking by the river with the two victims and a fourth, unnamed man, according to the criminal complaint. Poquette went to get more beer with the fourth man, who mentioned to him that he didn't like Brown or Anderson and suggested killing them.

When the two men returned, the foursome continued drinking until Poquette picked a fight with Anderson. They tumbled down an embankment into the bottom of a cement shaft, where Poquette picked up a rock and hit Anderson in the head three times. Brown tried to intervene, but the fourth man stopped him. Somehow, Brown flipped over the unnamed man and fell into the cement shaft.

When officers arrived, Brown and Anderson were inside the cement shaft. Brown was dead; Anderson died 17 months later from his injuries.

Early in the case, Poquette was considered a suspect. His shoes were found to have a mix of both his and Anderson's DNA, but Poquette maintained his innocence.

This week, two police sergeants visited Poquette in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he was in custody for an unrelated crime. He confessed to the killings. His bail has been set at $750,000.