Mukhjar Abdulkadir, the alleged wife-beating Minneapolis cop

Another Minneapolis police officer has found himself on the wrong side of criminal charges.

Mukhjar Abdulkadir, a 36-year-old patrolman, is accused of pulling a gun on his wife, threatening to kill her, and hitting her with the butt end of the weapon, according to the criminal charges. Abdulkadir was booked Friday in Anoka County Jail for felony assault and has since been released on $50,000 bail.

Adbulkadir and wife got into a heated argument Wednesday night.

When the couple woke up the next morning, Adbulkadir still wasn't over it. He threw her on the couch and began pummeling her ribs with his fists, according to the charges. To stop her from screaming, he smothered her face with a pillow, and then repeatedly bashed her with the butt of his gun.

Later on, he allegedly threatened to kill her.

Adbulkadir's wife went to the police soon after and told them what had happened.

Her husband was arrested Friday and charged with felony second-degree assault, domestic assault, and making terroristic threats.

Since his arrest, Adbulkadir's wife has tried to take back her statement, but the wheels of justice were already rolling.

Abdulkadir's story? His wife hit herself. She actually assaulted him.

The Minneapolis police internal affairs unit is investigating Abdulkadir's story. In the meantime, Abdulkadir is ordered to stay away from his wife and 3-year-old kid.

Abdulkadir isn't the only Minneapolis police officer in the news lately for being involved in criminal activity. Earlier this month, ex-SWAT cop Timothy Carson was sentenced to 122 months in prison for a robbery spree.

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