Muddy field of dreams

Stephen Dick is a young man with a simple dream: A sunny day in July, a mud pit the size of a football field, and 288 people romping around in it up to their knees.

Dick is the man behind the first-annual Muddy Sunday volleyball tournament, to be held at Corcoran Lions Park in Hamel. Preparing for the dirty event has more or less consumed his non-working life.

A business analyst for Target ("I work with sheets"), Dick spends his spare time begging his way onto volleyball league e-mail lists, maintaining a sleek Web page for the event, and, for exercise, sticking tournament flyers on windshields near volleyball courts around the Cities. So far, he has already signed up 12 of a hoped-for 48 teams.

Future plans?

Dick, 24, plans to put the Twin Cities on the mud volleyball map. "Forty-eight teams is not a bad start," he says, but it is just that: a start. "We're going to make it one of the biggest tournaments in America. We're thinking very big."