Mubashir Jeilani, Cedar-Riverside community leader, arrested in drive-by shooting


Mubashir Jeilani sits on the board of the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program. In his spare time, he seems prone to nasty bouts of road rage.

Brooklyn Park Police received a call for help on December 7 from a male driver yelling that he was being chased and shot at.

The driver stayed on the line with dispatch, giving updates on his location throughout the car chase until it culminated in a collision at 69th Avenue North and Humboldt Avenue.

When police arrived, they spotted a black Dodge Charger with its front end crushed and airbags deployed, stopped on 69th Avenue in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Two men were found beside the car – the 22-year-old driver Mubashir Jeilani, and 28-year-old passenger Mustafa Hassan.

Jeilani sits on the board of the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program, and formerly served as the executive director of the West Bank Community Coalition. He was also employed as a Metro Transit community service officer from July 2015 to May 2017.

According to the criminal complaint against him, Jeilani claimed that he and Hassan became embroiled in a road rage incident with another car that was driving erratically and cutting people off.

The next day, police searched the collision site and recovered a loaded handgun in the snow.

Officers then interviewed the victims, two men known to law enforcement, according to the criminal complaint. They said they were just leaving a Brooklyn Center Cub Foods in their Nissan Altima when they noticed the Dodge Charger following them. The driver made turn after turn, but couldn’t shake it. Unsure of what the occupants of the Charger wanted, he said he got scared and stepped on the gas, running red lights to get away.

At one point, the driver said he saw the passenger of the Charger pull out a gun and fire several shots. The Charger also rammed the back of the Nissan several times, according to the complaint.

Brooklyn Park Police found two fresh bullet holes in the trunk of the Nissan, as well as dents in its rear bumper consistent with being rammed by another vehicle. A bullet fragment was recovered from the spare tire compartment.

On December 12 Jeilani agreed to speak with police, according to the complaint. He admitted he was driving the Charger when a Nissan cut him off. He said that infuriated him, so he chased the Nissan around the city, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour before crashing the Charger on Humboldt Avenue.

Jeilani claimed he did not see Hassan with a gun, but was relatively certain he heard two shots being fired, according to the complaint. He said the occupants of the Nissan didn’t return fire.

Jeilani was arrested and booked into Hennepin County Jail on December 13 and released a day later after posting $20,000 bond. Both he and Hassan are charged with one count of second degree felony assault with a dangerous weapon and another count of felony drive-by shooting. If convicted, each charge comes with a minimum sentence of three years.


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