MSP's new Lindbergh and Humphrey signs coming down

An aerial view of MSP
An aerial view of MSP
Photo: kla4067/Flickr

We're finally going to have airport signage as good as other big-time cities. Over the next two weeks, crews are going to start installing more than 40 signs on Interstate 494, Highway 5, Highway 62 and 34th Avenue that will do something brilliant: Tell you which terminal actually handles your airline.

MSP is the only major airport in the United States with terminals located on entirely separate roadway systems. And you'd never know that driving to the airport and looking in vain for a clue to tell you which way to go.The Metropolitan Airports Commission estimates that between 20,000 and 30,000 people each year go to the wrong terminal, often missing their flight as a result.

From now on, when you approach the airport, the Lindbergh Terminal will be identified as Terminal 1 and the Humphrey Terminal will be Terminal 2. When you get to the terminals, you'll see they have retained their historic names.

"For years, frustrated travelers have asked us to address this chronic way-finding problem, and we are very pleased that, working with highway officials, we are finally able to do so," airports commission director Jeff Hamiel said in a statement.

The $1.4 million cost of the project is coming out of the commission's own pocket, rather than state or federal tax dollars.

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