MSP airport's Daily Beast ranking gets worse

MSP: It seems to peaceful from a distance.

MSP: It seems to peaceful from a distance.

Add this to the joy of flying during the upcoming holidays: A new survey finds that Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport's performance ranks even worse nationally than it did last year.

That's food for thought while you're waiting in line for either a bordering-on-molestation pat down, a full-body X-ray, or a blizzard to clear.


The Daily Beast came up with the rankings this year and last based on:

  • On-time departures and arrivals on regular days and holidays using Bureau of Transportation Statistics data.
  • Average security wait times from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. via Flight Explorer.
  • Stranded-on-the-tarmac nightmares.
  • The number of incidents and accidents.
  • JD Power and Associates data from 2009 on airport accessibility; baggage claim and check-in and baggage handling satisfaction.

MSP ranked 16th in the 28-airport field, down four places from last year.

  • 2009 rank: 12th
  • On-time departures 2010: 79%
  • On-time arrivals 2010: 78%
  • On-time holiday departures: 81%
  • On-time holiday arrivals: 79%
  • Average security wait time: 9 minutes
  • Tarmac nightmares: 10th out of 27
  • Safety: 16th out of 27
  • Amenities: 2nd out of 27

The best performing airport? Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX). Its awesome on-time arrival and departure stats, even for the holidays, were no doubt aided by the fact that the airport's runways don't get shut down over epic blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes.