MSP Airport welcomes 4 new stores

MSP Airport welcomes 4 new stores

It makes sense retailers target the hell out of travelers in airports and with in-flight magazines -- they've just spent $500 on a flight so there's got to be more moula where that came from. But airport shops are usually either redundant as hell (there 's 5 other stores in the same 500 yards like them) or they sell stuff you'd never dream of buying unless you were beyond bored and your money threatened to set your pockets ablaze.

That said, the list of four new shops opening at MSP could be a lot worse. They include a jewely shop featuring the work of local artists, a sports-wear store, a travel accessories retailer and, most strangely, a store for your "scanning solutions."

Following are descriptions of the new venues, according to a press release:

In Season sells college and professional sports team logo wear, giftware and toys on a seasonal basis.

Neat offers unique scanning and software solutions to read, store, organize and export information from receipts, business cards and other documents. Neat Company products securely store the scanned information in an easy-to-use database.

Sterling Works offers handcrafted sterling silver and 18 karat gold jewelry with a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The selection includes jewelry created by local and regional artists.

Tech & Trek carries the latest mobile phone and iPod merchandise as well as a variety of travel accessories, such as neck pillows, travel blankets, socks and locks.

All four shops operate from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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