MSP Airport is the best in the whole country, flyers say

MSP got high marks for everything other than its wi-fi.
MSP got high marks for everything other than its wi-fi.

MSP Airport is the best in America, according to Travel+Leisure readers.

The magazine surveyed its readers, asking them to rate America's 22 major airports in seven categories: flight delays, design, amenities, food and drink, check-in and security, service, and transportation and location.

And, dont'cha know, MSP turned out to be the overall favorite. Northwest Airlines or no, MSP apparently still has a lot going for it.

Here's what T+L had to say about MSP:

This may be the cheeriest and most welcoming airport in the nation. T+L voters loved the shopping and food and drink options at this mini-mall of an airport, and when it came to ease of check-in and security, Minneapolis also took the No. 1 spot. It came in second for design and cleanliness, baggage handling, staff communication, and airport location. Only its Wi-Fi offerings were lackluster (11th place), but that still left this midwestern oasis as the clear winner.

New York's La Guardia was rated as the worst airport, followed by LAX. On the other end of the spectrum, Charlotte's airport ranked second best, with third-place honors going to Detroit Metropolitan.

T+L readers love MSP's food options, but the survey may have been taken before the McDonald's was removed from Concourse G, much to the chagrin of Big Mac lovers. Check back next year to see if the Golden Arches' absence pushes MSP down the list.

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