MSP Airport has a new therapy cat who loves Ice-T, is perfect

Stitches the cat is 11 years old and she's here to make your day at the airport suck less.

Stitches the cat is 11 years old and she's here to make your day at the airport suck less. Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, Twitter

We really need everyone to shut up and look at Stitches the cat.

Who is Stitches, you ask? Only the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport’s newest therapy animal, and the first cat to join the airport’s comfort animal support team. She’s already been profiled by Travel + Leisure, which describes her as an 11-year-old calico-tabby mix.

Commenters on the airport’s video of Stitches doing her stuff describe her as “adorable,” and we can confirm she looks very soft and sleepy.

But all you really need to know about her is that she and her owner, Nikki Christopher, will be circulating Terminal 1 with a sort of cat stroller thing that reads “Pet Me!” on top. Her job is to soothe nervous travelers with free cuddles and her own custom business cards. (According to her resume, she’s more than qualified. She reportedly spent three years working with the North Star Therapy Animals program.)

Most of that time was spent hanging out with residents in nursing homes, according to Laura Sartain with the volunteer program that handles the comfort animal team. That's a far cry from interacting with up to 400 people during a two-hour airport shift. But Stitches has adjusted quickly and had a fantastic first shift on Friday. 

Best of all, in her free time, the cat reportedly loves watching Law and Order: SVU. Seriously. Her owner told the Pioneer Press that she really likes the sound of Ice-T’s voice.

Stitches isn’t the only furry hero out there making the nation’s airports a slightly friendlier place. The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport also has 93 therapy dogs on staff.

If you’re looking for more friends in high places, the San Jose airport, which was the first U.S. airport to introduce therapy dogs shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, now has 23 doggos roaming the terminals on a regular basis.

The San Francisco International Airport is home to LiLou, the first ever airport therapy pig, who often trots about in a little blue tutu to greet passengers. And in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, you can come face-to-muzzle with one of Seven Oaks Farm’s miniature therapy horses, which visit twice a month.