MPR's Bill Kling on suggestion he buy the Strib

Is Bill Kling thinking about buying the Star Tribune?

Is Bill Kling thinking about buying the Star Tribune?

Earlier today, MinnPost published an essay by a former vice president of Knight Ridder that made an audacious suggestion: Minnesota Public Radio's Bill Kling should buy the Star Tribune.

The story is sure to get a lot of pageviews, as it was linked on Romenesko, the popular media gossip site.

Strangely missing was any comment from the man himself. So we emailed Kling and asked him:

Is there any chance you would ever consider buying the Strib?

This afternoon, he responded.

Sort of.

Thanks Kevin,

I appreciate your question and it is a fair one. Unfortunately I have to reply by saying that "MPR does not comment on rumors or speculation about its business plans."


I'm sure Kling is flattered, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for him to take over the Strib. After all, Kling runs a $70 million operation that collects $40 million from member contributions. That's quite a different thing than the Strib, which last sold for $530 million in December 2006, and which MinnPost's own David Brauer values at a conservative $125 million.

I also doubt that Avista Capital Partners, which shelled out that $530 million, would be willing to sell it to Kling for $1, as the article's fantasy world suggests.

Hell, for a dollar, I might buy the Strib.