MPR vs. Met Council: train in vain


Minnesota Public Radio is none too happy about the planned light rail. Don't get them wrong: they love on-the-public-dole projects as much as the next "non-profit." It's just that, well... can't they put this one somewhere else?

MPR is concerned that the proposed route--which would run mere feet from their downtown St. Paul headquarters on Cedar--will wreak havoc on recording studios and broadcast booths due to the rumbling of passing trains.

Over the weekend, the station began running a recorded promo in which MPR President Bill Kling asks listeners to write letters to the City and demand they change the route.(!)

But don't expect the transit authority to budge any time soon. In today's Strib, Metropolitan Council President Peter Bell pretty much told MPR to go fuck themselves.

"Reopening the decision about the alignment would cost tens of millions of dollars and delay the project at a minimum of one year," he said.

More here.

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