MPR News Q -- The official definition of "Q"


Today, Minnesota Public Radio launched "News Q," a major re-branding and re-design to their website. Quickly following the announcement was a handful of Twitter posts wondering what the letter "Q" stood for. Some thought it meant "queue" as in a "news queue." Others thought it was for "question" as in "the stuff journalist do." Instead of messing around in the Twitter-verse, we just called up MPR, who put us in touch with Christina Schmitt, media relations for the news side of American Public Media. She provided the definition. (After the jump, of course.)

In an email sent to City Pages from Schmitt:

The name is meant to be playful, a bit mysterious, catchy and expressive at the same time. It conjures a variety of meanings while still allowing a certain amount of interpretation. It plays on the curiosity and intelligence of our audience and the role of journalism to question. Q is a letter that comes to mind when we think about the attributes of MPR News: quality and quantity.

So there you go. And Bob Collins is your uncle.