MPR interviews Robyne Robinson: "a good reporter goes all the way till deadline"

Robyne Robinson skipped out on the Fox 9 news at 5 p.m. tonight, allegedly because she was caught in traffic on the way back from a radio interview.

We believe she was talking about this interview just posted by MPR.  In it, she plays coy with whether she will accept Entenza's offer to run for Lt. Governor, and flatly rejects the notion that she has a conflict of interests reading news about potential rivals.

Robinson acknowledges that Entenza had asked her to be his running mate: "Yes he has," she affirmed. "Matt's an incredible guy. He has a lot to offer."

Robinson said she was still weighing if she wants to "take it beyond the news desk and really become active in the community I love."

She was asked what she would bring to the Entenza ticket: "Twenty years of experience in the community in activism," Robinson quickly asserted, and then began listing some key issues for her: "Education, teen pregnancy, schools .... It's a huge arts community."

Robinson said she didn't have a conflict of interests reading the news about her potential rivals, because she claims to have not made a decision yet about whether she will run.

"But I've not made a decision so it doesn't present any kind of conflict at this point. I have to think about this. And I'm going to take up to the very last minute to think about it."

She steadfastly refused to recuse herself from stories about Emmer, Kelliher, or Dayton.

"No no no," she murmured, hushing the question.

When confronted about when she would stop playing coy and finally announce her intentions, Robinson said:

"Oh, you're such a good reporter. It will go down to the wire. Until Matt calls and says he can't wait any longer. You know, a good reporter goes all the way till deadline."

Entenza is expected to announce his running mate on Twitter tomorrow morning.

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