MPR Apologizes After "Goddamn" Lyric Profanes Prairie Home Companion

During Saturday night's live Prairie Home Companion show country singer Robbie Fulks sang the word "goddamn," prompting MPR to apologize before the show's Sunday replay, where it was bleeped.

Then the Star Tribune twisted itself into a pretzel shielding its readers from such "blasphemy." See also: Michele Bachmann Says She Oozes Love For Garrison Keillor

"Country songwriter Robbie Fulks sang "Where I Fell" about 50 minutes into the nationally broadcast show Saturday evening at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, and with it the blasphemy that ends with the syllable 'damn,'" wrote reporter Paul Walsh yesterday.

If you can handle it, the song is still podcastable on the Prairie Home Companion website. The goddamn verse starts at about 7:40 on the segment titled "Sometimes the Grass is Really Greener, Where I Fell."

The lyrics are pretty standard country fare:

And it's the same sad crew at Delilah shouting over the redneck band/Game score, tea party, world war, I don't give a good goddamn/That's me crossing the courthouse on about midnight/Tripping at the curb sign where I fell, might look like hell

MPR spokesperson Angie Andresen told the Strib they bleep words occasionally if kids might be listening.

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