Mpls workers like to swear on the job, and it could cost them promotions, says new study

Clark Griswold probably wouldn't have been able to get away with his epic profanity-laden rant at work.
Clark Griswold probably wouldn't have been able to get away with his epic profanity-laden rant at work.

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Minneapolis workers swear a helluva lot, according to a new CareerBuilder study.

CareerBuilder spanned the country to survey 2,000 hiring managers and 3,800 workers across industries and company sizes. As far as the 612 is concerned, here are the key findings -- we're one of the most profane cities, though actually slightly below the national norm for swearing percentage-wise; and all things considered, dropping F-bombs on the job probably isn't a good idea, as 57 percent of employers said they're less likely to promote an employee who sprinkles swears throughout the workday.

Here are a few other interesting tidbits from the study:

-- Of the 51 percent of workers who swear on the job, 95 percent said they do so in front of colleagues. Fifty-one percent (of the 51 percent) drop [insert letter here]-bombs around their boss, while only seven percent swear in front of clients.

-- Men are more likely to report swearing at work -- 54 percent of male workers said they swear, compared to 47 percent of women.

-- Employees ages 35-44 are most likely to swear at work, while employees age 18-24 are least likely to risk offending their boss, colleague, client, or customer.

-- Fifty-four percent of employers said swearing makes an employee seem less intelligent.

-- One-quarter of employers surveyed admitting to swearing at their employes.

-- Minneapolis workers crack the top 10 of the most profane work-forces, ranking seventh in overall percentage who swear on the job (50 percent). The six cities more profane than us, from one to six, are Washington D.C. (62 percent), Denver (60), Chicago (58), Los Angeles (56), Boston (56), and Atlanta (54).

That's some interesting shit I mean stuff, sir.

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