Mpls woman launches online support group for Madoff victims

Were you screwed by Bernie Madoff? Feeling helpless, depressed, or just plain pissed off? There's a website you might want to check out.

From Wednesday's New York Daily News:

The Bernard Madoff Fraud Victims Web site is open only to people who can provide paperwork showing they were ensnared in the $65 billion fraud.

So far, the site has 350 members, some who have lost as little as $40,000, others who lost millions upon millions - with another 50 waiting to be approved, administrators said.

The site was created by Teri Ross, the president of a Minneapolis-based marketing firm, who didn't lose money to Madoff herself but knew 25 people who did. Ross added that she also had been touched by financial deception, when her brother defrauded her parents in 1995.

"My vision is to get all the Madoff victims on the same page, talking together," she said.

Madoff's ponzi scheme hit the Twin Cities' west suburbs particularly hard-- through an unwitting plug (Mike Engler of Engle & Budd securities), Madoff managed to ingratiate himself to numerous members of the Oak Ridge Country Club in Hopkins, nabbing between $300 and $600 million from Oak Ridge congregants alone.

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