Mpls runaway girls planned to travel "out of the country to Wisconsin"

The girls were found in St. Paul.
The girls were found in St. Paul.
Photos from MPD via MPR

Tuesday afternoon, the MPD sent out an alert about five missing girls, ages 11 to 13, who vanished Monday after attending class at the Seward Montessori School.

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Thankfully, it turned out the girls weren't abducted or anything horrible like that. They were found safe and sound in St. Paul on Tuesday evening, still in the early stages of their plan to walk all the way to a foreign country -- that strange land of cheese and beer we know as Wisconsin.

The Pioneer Press published an interview with John Thompson, the Dayton's Bluff resident who came home from work Tuesday to find two of the girls at his doorstep. Here's an excerpt:

As he waited 45 minutes for police to show up, Thompson -- with his 10-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter in the house -- gently asked the same questions many across the Twin Cities had when news broke of the girls' disappearance.

Why did you leave? Where did you stay last night? What have you been doing? How have you been getting around?

The girls said they were traveling "out of the country to Wisconsin."

"I asked them, 'To do what?' That's when it would just kind of fizzle off. It was pretty obvious then that they had no plan." One of the girls didn't know her own address.

Emily Heagle, an aunt of one of the runaways, told the Star Tribune the girls weren't aware a metro-wide girlhunt was underway to find them.

"The girls had no idea there were fliers being posted, that the police were looking and their faces were on the news," Heagle said. "One of the girls said she thought they were just being rude."

As you'd expect, while their relatives are overjoyed they returned to Minneapolis safely, some groundings and phone privilege removals are in the girls' short-term future. We'd also recommend some geography lessons.

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