Mpls officers want off-duty cops to be able to carry guns at Vikings games


Minneapolis Police Federation officials aren't fans of a new NFL policy banning off-duty cops from carrying guns into stadiums.

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Officers argue they should be able to pack heat in NFL stadiums because -- God forbid -- if there was some sort of shooting at a game, they might be able to use their firearms to take out the gunman and save lives. But NFL officials say games are already staffed with sufficient security and they want to limit the number of guns inside stadiums on game days.

In an interview with WCCO, Minneapolis Police Federation President John Delmonico argued that security concerns aside, the simple fact is state laws allowing off-duty cops to pack heat trumps the NFL's new policy.

"State law governs the facts that we can carry our guns off-duty in any public facility and any facility in the city of Minneapolis, which encompasses the dome," Delmonico said, alluding to the fact that both the Metrodome and soon-to-be-constructed Zygi-land were built with the help of taxpayer dollars.

Delmonico wrote a letter to Attorney General Lori Swanson asking her to weigh in on the legal controversy, 'CCO reports. It's unclear whether she'll follow up on the request.

But check out this in-the-stands ruckus during last year's Thursday night Vikings-Bucs game (LOL at the Josh Freeman jersey!)...

... and ask yourself -- do you really want guns to be anywhere near these drunken hot messes whether they work as cops for a living or not?

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