Mpls Hilton female boss bragged about '50 states club,' sexually harassed men, suit alleges

50 states club, eh? Alaska might be tough. West Virginia too.
50 states club, eh? Alaska might be tough. West Virginia too.

Two Hilton Minneapolis bartenders -- Paul Welter, 41, and Joshua Brehmer, 24 -- say their former boss, Danielle Rodgers, "approximately 29," sexually harassed them and created an uncomfortable, sexually super-charged atmosphere at work in a recently filed sex-discrimination suit.

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Welter and Brehmer allege Rodgers openly bragged about her goal of cracking the '50 states club,' which means she wanted to sleep with a resident from every state in the union. That's how STDs get spread around, folks.

They also allege that Rodgers, now an employee at Hotel Minneapolis, tried to sleep with both of them -- in Brehmer's case, successfully -- and then embarrassingly spread gossip around the Hilton, including with regular patrons.

Via the Pioneer Press, here are some of the more colorful details from the suit:

The two bartenders claim the woman "openly bragged about having sexual relations with customers" of the Hilton and coerced Brehmer into having sex with her.

Afterwards, "Rodgers bragged about her conquest to Plaintiff Brehmer's coworkers, resulting in humiliating teasing from his peers."

Brehmer claims in the suit that when he rebuffed her further advances, she "increased the level of retaliation," refused his request for days off or particular shifts and told him she was retaliating against him "because he 'stopped having sex' with her."

Welter makes similar claims, saying Rodgers "badgered others to assist her in facilitating a sexual relationship" with him and continually tried to entice him to have sex with her. He didn't.

"Defendant Manager Rodgers, in front of a regular Hilton customer, dropped a pair of uniform pants on the cooler behind the bar and said, 'Paul, you forgot your pants at my house this morning.' The customer stated that this was an inappropriate comment but that Rodgers dismissed it and wondered aloud why Plaintiff Welter wouldn't be with her sexually," the suit alleges.

Welter and Brehmer brought their concerns to the Hilton's human resources department in the summer of 2011, but an executive dismissed them, saying, "I can't be there 24/7." Both still bartend at the hotel but claim their hours were reduced after they complained about Rodgers. They cite hotel management in the suit for not acting on reports of Rodgers' misbehavior.

This isn't the first sexy-time scandal at the hotel. In 2008, a former employee sued the Hilton company and the Minneapolis Hilton's then-beverage manager for trying to coerce her into an orgy with executives.

From our archives, here's a few details about that suit:

[The manager] told Plaintiff to come to the hotel on her night off. She was instructed to come to the banquet room in which (unknown to her), an orgy was occurring. The orgy included various members of Hilton upper management.

During this orgy, various Hilton executives were inebriated and engaging in sexual acts. In fact, Hilton executives were on the top of a table engaging in sexual activity.

After she came into the room, [the manager] pulled her onto his lap and pumped her up and down on his erect penis. He told her how good it felt and tried to physically force her up to a hotel room.

Hilton management denied the claims but settled 15 months later.

Sexually frustrated? If you're willing to put up with some harassment, you might want to see if the downtown Hilton is hiring.

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