Mpls cops got into fight with black guys, later said "they were doing their monkey thing" [VIDEO] [UPDATE]

Two MPD officers used the N-bomb and referred to their boss as a "lesbian," according to a Green Bay police report.

Two MPD officers used the N-bomb and referred to their boss as a "lesbian," according to a Green Bay police report.

:::: UPDATE :::: Green Bay PD explains why it outed Mpls cops for being racist, homophobic jerks [VIDEO]

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A Green Bay police report sheds new light on the June 29 incident that resulted in Minneapolis Police Department officers Brian Thole and Shawn Powell being placed on leave and reportedly being removed from the SWAT team.

THE BACKSTORY: MPD officers on leave for allegedly using sexual slur about Chief Janeé Harteau

According to the police report, after a night of drinking, Thole and Powell got into a confrontation with a group of nine black men they passed on a sidewalk. Things escalated, and one of the officers ended up punching one of the men in the face. When Green Bay police responded, one of the MPD cops told them the black men "were doing their monkey thing."

[jump] "We're police officers," one of the dynamic duo said. "I punched him in the face and I will do it again."

The Star Tribune, citing the police report, reports that Green Bay officers ultimately told the two to go back to their hotel room. As they walked away, the MPD officers flicked off their Green Bay colleagues and told them to "[expletive] off."

Unsatisfied, Thole and Powell later went to the Green Bay police station to whine. They complained police didn't arrest any of the black men involved in the earlier confrontation. The argument became heated, with one of the MPD cops calling the Green Bay PD a "clown show" and saying that the city is "too [racial slur] friendly."

Green Bay police ultimately told Thole and Powell that if they were going to arrest anybody, it'd probably be one of them for disorderly conduct.

The report indicates Thole and Powell were upset their names were taken.

Referring to MPD Chief Janeé Harteau, one of them said, "We have a lesbian [expletive] chief that's looking to fire people for any reason." But based on the Green Bay PD's report, we'd say Thole and Powell did a good effective job giving Harteau reasons to reconsider their employment status.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A WCCO TV report contains dashboard footage of the incident and provides a few new details. Here it is:

:::: UPDATE II ::::

This afternoon, the MPD released a statement entitled, "Chief Harteau outraged and apologizes to the community and Green Bay Police Department for officers behavior."

Here it is, in its entirety:

Today, Chief Harteau commented on the public incident report and video from the Green Bay Police Department. "What I saw and heard on the video posted on several news websites involving these two officers is appalling and goes against everything we stand for. The type of behavior exhibited on the public video significantly damages public trust. Every member of this department and community deserves better. I would also like to extend my apologies to the community and the Green Bay Police Department. I am not able to comment further at this time because of data privacy laws," said Chief Harteau.
:::: UPDATE III ::::

Mayor R.T. Rybak has also chimed in with a statement of his own, and suffice it to say Thole and Powell should probably start preparing to turn in their badges.

Here Rybak's statement:

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak released the following statement about the behavior of two Minneapolis police officers in Green Bay, Wisconsin: "I was appalled and disgusted by the behavior of two Minneapolis police officers that I saw on the video from Green Bay. The actions, language and behavior I saw in no way reflect the values of a department paid to protect and serve our community. I will await the results of the internal investigation and I am confident that Chief Harteau will take all appropriate action."
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