MPLS city council: Booty shaking now legal!


City leaders delete ordinance prohibiting dancing in the streets

class=img_thumbleft> Little more than an hour ago, it was illegal to "dance upon any public street" anywhere in the city of Minneapolis. In a move unparalleled for its leadership and bravery, the City Council just deleted ordinance 427.240, reportedly on the books since 1960.

This pressing issue came to the fore last September, when it was widely reported that the MPD had indeed ticketed a man for dancing downtown. The would-be Denny Terrio had his dance fever cured by the fuzz.

In this frivolous spirit, council member Don Samuels (Third Ward) noted today at the regular bi-weekly meeting that colleague Lisa Goodman (Seventh Ward) and Mayor R.T. Rybak had been seen doing a little boogie at an intersection downtown.

That icky image aside, Cam Gordon (Second Ward), the sponsor of the amendment to the city's code, got serious for a moment. "This ordinance has only been used to arrest homeless people," he said, revealing his motivation behind the change. "It's time to get it off the books."

Buzzkill! In his amendment's "supporting information," Gordon offered to delete the language of the entire ordinance: No person shall dance or engage or participate in any dancing upon any public street or highway in the city; and no person shall provide for, promote or conduct any dance or dancing upon any public street or highway in the city, except at a block party.

Gordon's amendment also cited several ordinances already in place "that serve to provide recourse against individuals obstructing traffic."

With that, the council voted unanimously in favor of Gordon's motion. No word on whether the opera music blared outside of Block E will be replaced by the P-Funk catalogue.