Mpls City Coordinator leaving job to travel the world

From the 'what a refreshing idea' and 'if I could only do that' departments:

Steven Bosacker, the Minneapolis City Coordinator for the past six years and one of the most powerful employees in the city, is leaving a job he likes because he wants to spend a year traveling the world.

Bosacker was the city's highest paid employee as of 2010, reportedly hauling in a base salary of $147,154 that year. But good for him -- he's managed his money wisely and is clearly motivated by travel more than income.

Bosacker rose to prominence in Minnesota politics as Gov. Jesse Ventura's chief of staff. He spent two years working in Germany before returning to the states to take a job with the city of Minneapolis in 2004. He became city coordinator in 2006.

Mayor Rybak loves him some Steven Bosacker.
Mayor Rybak loves him some Steven Bosacker.

By all accounts, he's been an outstanding employee. In a news release Mayor R.T. Rybak gushes about Bosacker, calling him "one of the most gifted public administrators in the history of Minnesota" and characterizing his work for the city as "nothing short of transformative."

"He promised me to work here for four years and we are very lucky he stayed for six," Rybak said. "I will deeply miss a tremendous partner and true friend."

Bosacker told the Star Tribune that he sold his condominium in January and will also sell his possessions before jet-setting. His 12-month journey abroad will include stops in Peru, Brazil, Portugal, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

"There's a bit of a world history with me that I can't quite shake," Bosacker told the Strib. "I'm not quite done with the rest of the world."

What a great plan -- take a year off from the grind, hit the road and let the journey be the goal. Want to follow in Bosacker's footsteps? Here's a tip -- the city of Minneapolis will soon be hiring a new City Coordinator.

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