Mpls again named third most literate city, St. Paul takes seventh

Minneapolis's downtown library.

Minneapolis's downtown library.

Next time you're strolling through Magers & Quinn or Micawber's, remind yourself that you're in one of the most literate cities in the country -- whether you're in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

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The annual America's Most Literate Cities study is out, and in 2013, the Twin Cities held on to two spots in the top 10. Minneapolis is third for the fifth year running, and St. Paul dropped one spot from last year, to seventh.

To come up with the results, study author Jack Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University, looked at six key metrics in cities with populations above 250,000: number of bookstores, level of education, newspaper circulation, online resources, libraries, and periodical publishing.

Minneapolis's run in slot three is actually a drop. From 2003, when the study started, to 2008, Minneapolis and Seattle traded off first and second place. In 2008, they tied, and in 2009, Minneapolis dropped to third. We've stayed there since.

St. Paul, meanwhile, dropped out of the top 10 in 2011, but returned in 2012 in sixth place.

The study breaks the overall ranking down by categories, which reveal more insights into how we read. Minneapolis scores second in the newspapers column, fourth for booksellers, and in our lowest showing, 27.5 for internet resources.

St. Paul, meanwhile, comes in first in the country for booksellers. The city's lowest category is internet resources, where it's tied with Minneapolis at, yes, 27.5.

Here's the overall top 10 for 2013, which is filled with the candidates you'd expect:

1. Washington, D.C.
  1. Seattle

  2. Minneapolis

  3. Atlanta and Pittsburgh (tie)

  4. Denver

  5. St. Paul

  6. Boston

  7. St. Louis

  8. San Francisco

Other notable cities: Portland comes in 10th, New York is 16th, Austin tied for 21st, Chicago 28th, and L.A. 64th. Bakersfield, California, comes in last, at spot 77.

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