MPD update: FBI meets with chief

As expected, MPD interim Chief Tim Dolan met today with the FBI over allegations of police misconduct at Little Earth that surfaced last week.

What came out of it? Well, it's a no-news-is-no-news sort of thing.

According to the press release from the MPD this afternoon, no conclusions have been drawn, and more time is needed to "enhance video and photos of the incident."

There is also a case being put together by the MPD for presentation to the Minneapolis City Attorney's office for "possible criminal charges." That's expected to take two weeks.

"During this time, Lt. Richard Thomas and Lt. Michael Fossum will remain on paid administrative leave," the press release concludes. "Their leave status will be reviewed after the case has been submitted. The F.B.I. has reserved the right to further review the final investigation for possible civil rights violations."