MPD sued for using Taser on man with hands on car (VIDEO)


The Minneapolis Police Department is dealing with yet another lawsuit, this time for allegedly using a Taser on a man's neck while he is seen with his hands on the car and not resisting the officer. The lawsuit comes in a string of others in recent months that have video evidence of alleged police misconduct.

In this lawsuit, Rolando Ruiz is seen just seconds before the incident with his hands on top of the squad car. He appears calm and not resisting arrest. As the police officer approaches, he puts the Taser against his neck and continues using it until he is incapacitated on the ground, screaming.

His attorney, Albert Goins is suing the City of Minneapolis on behalf of Ruiz, asking for $75,000 and discipline against the officer for violating his civil rights. Goins said he hopes to settle out of court, but is willing to take the steps to do so if the city doesn't cooperate.

WCCO spoke to a Minneapolis police spokesperson who said Chief Tim Dolan hasn't reviewed the tape and won't comment on legal matters.

Check out the video of the incident here.