MPD shootings: Cops shot with own gun, biker had green light when fatally hit by squad car

Terrance Franklin broke into this house, and when officers arrived he was able to wrestle a submachine gun away from one of them, according to KSTP.
Terrance Franklin broke into this house, and when officers arrived he was able to wrestle a submachine gun away from one of them, according to KSTP.

New information emerging about the mayhem that went down yesterday afternoon in the Lyn-Lake area isn't exactly flattering for the Minneapolis Police Department.

:::: UPDATES ::::
-- MPD, witnesses differ on accounts of motorcycle accident that killed Ivan Romero [PHOTOS]
-- Terrence Franklin shot multiple times by MPD, but it's unclear whether he fired a shot himself

According to reports, a foot chase that began when a resident reported a suspected burglar in the neighborhood ended with two cops getting shot by a police-issued gun and the death of the suspect. Along the way, a motorcyclist who was riding with his girlfriend was killed in an accident with a police squad car that was running a red light.

The Pioneer Press details the beginning of the incident:

The manhunt began, police said, when a resident of the neighborhood saw a man [later identified as 22-year-old Terrance Franklin] driving by about 2 p.m. and called police, saying he looked like the burglar who broke into his home last week.

Police stopped the car in the 2700 block of Lyndale Avenue South, according to the girlfriend, Anquanette Hollman, who said she was in the vehicle at the time.

Police said Franklin rammed his car into a squad car and almost ran another officer down, before crashing his vehicle and fleeing on foot.

Hollman said Franklin drove several blocks west on 28th Street parked and ran.

After ditching his car, Franklin made his way to the Flanders Brothers Cycle shop at 2707 Lyndale Avenue South and went inside. His obvious nervousness creeped employees out, and he ended up getting chased out of the store right as a squad car drove past, according to the Star Tribune.

Shortly thereafter, Franklin broke into MPR producer Jim Bickal's house at 2717 Bryant Avenue South. He wouldn't make it out alive. KSTP details what happened after police arrived:

While at the home, officers first sent a K9 into the basement to flush out the male suspect, according to a source. When officers heard the suspect begin fighting with the canine, four to five officers rushed into the basement to help, according to the source.

The source said it was an all-out brawl and one of the officers involved described the suspect as "crazed."

At some point during the fight, the suspect grabbed a MP5 sub-machine gun that was in a sling around an officer's neck that typically hangs in front of the officer's body across the chest and stomach, and pulled the trigger, according to two well-placed sources.

The two wounded officers were shot with a department-issued gun, the sources said.

It's unknown if the officer or officers that opened fire on the suspect knew if he had a gun...

As police raced to the Bryant Avenue home, a motorcyclist trying to cross West 26th Street at Blaisdell Avenue was struck by a squad car and killed. The Star Tribune describes the circumstances of the accident:

Kyndell Harkness, a Star Tribune photojournalist who witnessed the crash as she was on her way to photograph the shooting scene, said she was passed by three police cars with lights flashing and sirens on that went through the red light at Blaisdell, where the motorcyclist had a green light.

The first police car hit the motorcycle, she said, whose driver was not wearing a helmet and was wearing flip-flops.

The police cars stopped and officers rushed to try and help the motorcycle riders, Harkness said.

The driver died at the scene, and the woman passenger was taken to HCMC.

The injured passenger is expected to survive.

As the dust settled yesterday evening, the MPD released a statement detailing officers' version of events. The statement characterized yesterday as "a very difficult day for the Minneapolis Police Department and the residents of Minneapolis." To read the entire thing, click to page two.

From the MPD:

There were multiple critical incidents in a relatively short period of time in Minneapolis today. At approximately 2:00pm this afternoon, 5th Precinct officers responded to 2743 Lyndale Avenue South on a call from a resident who saw a suspect who possibly burglarized the callers residence last week.

Officers responded to the area and located the suspect who then fled from the police in his vehicle, striking a marked MPD squad car and nearly striking another MPD officer on foot. The suspect vehicle crashed and the suspect fled into a neighborhood block. After setting up a perimeter, a resident reported his home had just been broken in to at 2717 Bryant Avenue South. Officers responded and a K-9 and his handler entered the residence. The K-9 located the suspect inside and while trying to apprehend the suspect, the suspect attacked the K9 and the handler. Additional officers entered the residence to help the handler & his K-9. An intense struggled ensued and during the struggle, 2 assisting MPD officers were shot and wounded. The suspect was also shot and is deceased. As the investigation continues, we have learned that the suspect has a lengthy arrest history.

Both wounded officers are in satisfactory condition at HCMC. The K-9 is now home with his handler.

Another MPD officer, who was responding to assist others in the shooting at 2717 Bryant Avenue South, was involved in a collision with a motorcycle occupied by two people at the intersection of 26th & Blaisdell Ave South. One of the occupants of the motorcycle, a male, is deceased and a female occupant is in satisfactory condition at HCMC. The officer was not injured. This is a tragic accident for everyone involved and Chief Harteau extends her sympathies to the family and friends of the individual who lost his life.

These are complex investigations that are on-going and still in the early stages. This has been a very difficult day for the Minneapolis Police Department and the residents of Minneapolis.

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