MPD civilian review board gives Chief Dolan a failing grade

The Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority is not happy with Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan.

The Authority held a public forum after their monthly meeting last night to gripe about the findings in its recently released performance appraisal of the Chief. In the report, the city-appointed board gives Dolan, who is up for reappointment, a pretty grim review.

The Authority's main beef with Dolan is that he doesn't issue discipline in cases where they find an officer guilty of misconduct.

"That's the number one thing that affects our ability to do what are job is," says Dave Bicking, Authority board member. "It simply means that all of our effort goes for very little."

According to the report, Dolan has only seen fit to punish five out of 37 officers in cases the Authority sustained, meaning they investigated a claim, found merit and sent it Dolan's desk with a recommendation for discipline.

"The MPD has seriously undermined the most important function of the CRA by nearly always refusing to discipline its officers in response to sustained civilian complaints," the report says.

Failure to issue discipline was only one of six categories in which the Authority gives Dolan an "unsatisfactory" grade.

Mayor R.T. Rybak has backed Dolan for another term, touting a tremendous decrease in violent crime across the city during Dolan's tenure. The Minneapolis City Council is expected to vote on Dolan's reappointment early this year.

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