MPD chief asks for FBI review of Taser incident


Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan released a statement Tuesday after a Minneapolis man field a lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis for civil rights violations when an officer used a Taser on him during an arrest. The video of the incident shows the suspect, Rolando Demetrio Ruiz, standing calmly with his hands on the police car hood when the officer uses a Taser on his neck.

Dolan said he is asking the FBI and the city attorney to review the claim, calling the video "very disturbing." The city attorney could consider criminal charges against the officer.

"Minneapolis police training and policies related to use of force and Tasers are based upon national best practices and standards," the statement said. "We take any violations of those policies very seriously."

The officer in question in the tape, Todd Lappegaard, has been moved to office duties. You can watch the original police video of the incident here.

According to the criminal complaint, officers saw Ruiz standing on a planter near the 2nd Precinct headquarters parking lot. He threw a landscaping brick at an officer's car, denting the hoot and breaking the windshield. He is charged with first-degree damage to property for causing more than $2,000 in damage.

This is just one in a string of incidents this year that have questioned Minneapolis police actions against suspects. Dolan has asked the FBI to review another case and is now enforcing higher standards for reviewing dashboard tapes in similar incidents.

Watch the WCCO report on Dolan's statement here.