MPD chief asking FBI to review violent arrest tape

MPD chief asking FBI to review violent arrest tape

When 42-year-old Derryl Jenkins was pulled over in February as he drove through north Minneapolis, the altercation that followed left him at the hospital with a bloodied and bruised faced. He had to receive seven stitches above his eye after he was punched and kicked by six officers on the scene.

Jenkins said he was a victim of police brutality and now he has a squad video that shows it. Now Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan is asking the FBI to review the tape for any wrongdoing by officers that came on to the scene.

Officer Richard Walker pulled Jenkins over around 3 a.m. for allegedly driving 15 miles-per-hour over the speed limit.

After Walker is seen wrestling Jenkins to the ground, he calls for back up and other officers arrived shortly after. In the video, the officers are seen repeatedly punching and kicking Jenkins as they try to arrest him.

In an interview with the Star Tribune, Dolan said "The kicking is troubling to me... The public will want an investigation." Watch the video here. KARE11 also has a photo of his injuries. More from the Star Tribune:

In their reports, the officers said that Jenkins had resisted arrest, so they had to subdue him before placing him in two sets of handcuffs.

He was charged with felony assault and a gross misdemeanor for refusing to submit to alcohol tests. Both charges have since been dropped.

Jenkins said he was the victim of an unprovoked attack simply because he had vigorously questioned Officer Richard Walker about why he was stopped and asked to talk to his supervisor.

Dolan released the following statement today about the case:

I have reviewed the videos of the arrest of Mr. Jenkins by Officer Walker. Hand to hand fighting with a suspect on the street is one of the most dangerous encounters for police officers. Officer Walker's actions all appear to be very appropriate.

Some of the actions of responding officers, specifically the kicking of the suspect, give me concern; because of this, I am asking for an outside review by the FBI. Additionally, the incident has been referred to my Internal Affairs and Training Units for a review of our arrest procedures in dealing with suspects resisting arrest.

Though the federal review may take some time, the Minneapolis Police Department reviews will begin immediately and will be done in a short amount of time.

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