MPD by the numbers: The Ugly Truth

class=img_thumbleft>One of the pressing issues found in the current CP cover story about the rift between the Minneapolis mayor and the police chief is the issue of diversity. Both men have professed a strong desire to add color to the ranks of the MPD. If year-end personnel stats are any indication, there may be a will, but there's a long way to go.

Some may argue that "diversifying" a police force is an unnecessary evil, but those folks might want to consider this: In a city that is roughly 37 percent non-white, the MPD is more than 83 percent Caucasian. And it's still a good old boys club: White males make up 70 percent of the force.

Here's the breakdown, by ethnicity and gender, of the MPD's 798 sworn officers:

Caucasion male: 551 Caucasion female: 114

African American male: 46 African American female: 4

Latino male: 34 Latina female: 0

American Indian male: 18 American Indian female: 7

Asian American male: 23 Asian American female: 1