MPD breaks up large dogfighting ring

This pit bull was one of more than a dozen rescued by police.
This pit bull was one of more than a dozen rescued by police.
WCCO screengrab

:::: UPDATE :::: Leroy Longs, Jr. is Minneapolis dogfighting suspect [MUGSHOT]

Yesterday, Minneapolis police announced they've seized 15 pit bulls (including five puppies), two guns, narcotics, dog fighting paraphernalia, and a dog fighting training manual during the course of breaking up a local dogfighting ring.

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One unnamed suspect is in custody at Hennepin County jail awaiting felony animal cruelty and fighting charges. The dogs, meanwhile, will be evaluated be a veterinarian, and depending on how that goes some could be put up for adoption.

The MPD and other law enforcement agencies seized the aforementioned evidence while executing search warrants at 10 properties, nine of them in Minneapolis and one in New Hope.

During a news conference announcing the arrest and breakup of the ring, cops brought along the dog pictured at the top of this post. The pit bull has injuries to his ear and eye.

Other dogs fared worse. Sergeant Lindsay Herron, an animal crimes investigator for the MPD, said she "absolutely" believed some dogs had been killed as part of the fighting ring.

"If you have a loser dog, that's what they do with them," she told reporters, adding that owners of victorious dogs can win up to $15,000 per fight.

Herron also discussed the sad conditions some of the rescued dogs were living in when discovered by authorities.

"They're in a kennel. They're chained up. Most of them are on a dirt surface," Herron said. "Some had feces in the kennel area. Most of them did not have water. I did not locate food in most of the kennels, so these dogs are not well cared for."

Herron told reporters multiple law enforcement agencies -- including state and federal authorities -- have been investigating the alleged dogfighter for more than a year. But she said cops aren't sure where the actual dogfights were being held at this point in their investigation, which remains active. (Anyone with information is asked to call the MPD's tipline at 612-692-TIPS.)

Herron also encouraged anyone who sees dogs kept outside around the clock with minimal food and water to contact authorities, as that sort of treatment is characteristic of dogs being groomed to fight.

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