MPD: Black people love us!

class=img_thumbleft>In a press release sent Thursday from the Minneapolis Police Department, two Minneapolis cops sing the praises of 74-year-old Alvin "Preacherman" Carrington, a Korean-war vet whom MPD spokesperson Ron Reier refers to as a "hero." But Carrington is more than just an ordinary hero. Carrington, according to the MPD, is a "cop-loving black man" to boot.

The Preacherman/cop-loving black man lives on Third Ave. in south Minneapolis. And Thursday morning at approximately 12:30 a.m he appeared from the dark clad in his MPD sweatshirt-jacket/superhero costume to help a state patrol officer in need. According to the press release, the officer had stopped a vehicle on 36th St. and Third Ave. that was carjacked earlier in St. Paul. A gun was involved in that incident.

When Carrington arrived on the scene, the driver was fighting the officer. Carrington jumped in, assisted in the driver's taking down and arrest, and received a bloody eye that required five stitches as a result.

Now we're not ones to knock the Preacherman's deeds. But the MPD e-mail, ostensibly intended to promote Carrington's efforts, is a PR move that smacks of racism and has left us more than a bit baffled. Citizens are normally discouraged from involving themselves in dangerous situations like wrestling with someone resisting arrest, not to mention that the car stopped at the scene was stolen at gunpoint. On top of that, Carrington was forced to receive five stitches as a result of his involvement in the scuffle. But what do legalities and safety issues matter to the MPD when you got a "cop-loving black man" wearing an MPD sweatshirt? In PR circles, one man's liability is another man's perfect opportunity.