Mounds View tells massage parlor to stop the happy endings

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Mounds View proposing a moral agreement in massage parlor licenses

The Mounds View City Council is considering a stricter code on their massage parlor license after police busted one parlor offering sex to clients. Anyone with a therapeutic message license holder would have to stay in "good, moral character" to keep their license. Looking at child porn at day care: 120 days in jail

The St. Paul man who was busted downloading child porn at his mom's Maplewood day care in their home will be in jail for 120 days. Michael James Lundblad, 26, pleaded guilty in December to four counts of possessing child pornography.

Lose your job or insurance? Clinic offers women a free preventative visit

A clinic in Edina and Burnsville is trying to keep women current on their exams even if they lose their job or insurance. Current patients can receive one free preventive gynecology visit in 2009 with a doctor or nurse practitioner and a Pap smear for those who show proof of lost insurance.

Real estate slow to join the YouTube phenomenon

Or maybe the Strib is slow to realize it. The story highlights some of the "innovative" real estate agents in Minnesota using the amazing technology of YouTube (moving pictures!) to help sell a house.

Minneapolis pumped up to spend stimulus cash

The stimulus package is sending money specifically to each district and Minneapolis can't wait to start spending on the big bucks. Deteriorating bridges and downtown updates were some of the "shovel-ready" projects the city can't wait to start.