Mound Westonka principal says Harlem Shake video contained inappropriate "hip-thrusting"

Activities Director Koltes (left) has been suspended; Elvis (right) would be proud.
Activities Director Koltes (left) has been suspended; Elvis (right) would be proud.

Mound Westonka High School Principal Keith Randklev may have been cryogenically frozen while watching Elvis perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950s and then thawed sometime recently, because here's what he said yesterday when asked about why a group of students were suspended for shooting a seemingly harmless Harlem Shake video in the school cafeteria:

THE BACKSTORY: Mound Westonka hockey players and parents irate about Harlem Shake video suspensions

"Many, many of the Harlem Shakes that I saw had a lot of hip-thrusting in their acts," Randklev told KSTP. "There was activity that was not appropriate and did not lead to a safe environment."

Yes, because we all know the only thing more dangerous than the presence of drugs or guns in schools is on-campus hip-thrusting.

During last night's Mound Westonka school board meeting, Principal Randklev escaped discipline for the fiasco, but Superintendent Kevin Borg did take action against Activities Director Dion Koltes, who has been placed on administrative leave. From WCCO:

Westonka School District Superintendent Kevin Borg apologized for the school's actions.

"To our students, I apologize that under my watch this issue has caused so much pain," Borg said.

It was an apology students and parents say they've been waiting for. And there was an overwhelming applause when Borg announced that activities director Dion Koltes was placed on administrative leave.

Borg was quick to clarify that Koltes does not assign suspensions, and that he couldn't discuss the nature of the allegations against Koltes at that moment.

Of course, folks are mostly outraged because six of the students who were suspended play on Mound Westonka's hockey team and had to miss last Friday's playoff game as a result of their hip-thrusting. Mound Westonka ended up losing to a lower-seeded Blake squad.

One parent in attendance at last night's meeting told Bord, "There ought to be, like, zero tolerance for bone-headed, knee-jerk-reaction administrators. Put that in your policy pipe and light it up."

Perhaps the true lesson here is that it's not a good idea to make a Harlem Shake video in the first place.

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