Motorized La-Z-Boy up for auction on eBay


The motorized La-Z-Boy chair that made international news when owner Dennis LeRoy Anderson was busted operating it drunk is now up for sale on eBay and the price is rising fast.

The Proctor Police Department put the chair up for sale yesterday at a starting price of $500. The chair is already up to $2,125 as of Friday morning with 45 bids and still will be on the site until Tuesday. The earnings will go back to the police department since this is a forfeited vehicle.

Keep an eye on bidding if you want to own this chair for yourself. As this man learned, you probably shouldn't use it to get to and from the bar completely wasted. You'll still get the DWI and be forever known as "that guy" who drives a La-Z-Boy drunk.

Check out the full description and details below.

The description on eBay:

Known as the world famous DWI Motorized La-Z-Boy style Chair, year built unknown. This is a unique vehicle located in Proctor Minnesota. The vehicle has been obtained from a DWI forfeiture and has not been restored. Engine: Briggs and Stratton Model # 19070 Type: 5641 with electric start. Transmission type unknown and is sloppy. The vehicle has front lights, rear tag light, radio, cup holder, rear roll bars and other custom options, missing the seat cushion. Curb weight of vehicle is unknown, length is 52" and width is 45". This is a great parade vehicle or a terrific business draw. Be the only one in town with a unique vehicle like this. This is not a street legal vehicle.

This vehicle is local pick-up only. This vehicle can be pick-up at the City of Proctor, Minnesota Police Department by you or a transport company that you arrange Monday Thru Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will not ship nor arrange shipping.

Check out the auction site and place your bid here.

Even the family of the man busted for the DWI is trying to make some cash off the story. They put up an autographed photo of Anderson driving the chair on eBay in hopes of helping his pay his court bills. So far the photo isn't as popular, bringing in 13 bids with a high of $31. It's tempting, but we'll probably pass.