Motorized DWI La-Z-Boy bids top $40,000

You've still got a full day to bid on the infamous motorized La-Z-Boy confiscated from a Proctor, Minn. man last month after he was busted driving the chair through the streets drunk following a night out at a bar. Just expect to put down some serious cash if you want the chair that made international news.

Proctor police put the chair up for bids on eBay and the top bid as of Monday morning was more than $40,000. Bidding ends Tuesday morning. Unlike other police auctions, this one will probably cost you the median U.S. household income. And for what? A motorized La-Z-Boy that is technically illegal to drive on city streets. Go wild adventuring through the woods on this sucker.

If you want a cheaper piece of history, the autographed photo of the former chair owner, Dennis L. Anderson, is just $305. The family is trying to cash in on the chair fame to help Anderson pay his legal bills.

This is America, folks. It doesn't get any better than this. Bid on the chair here and the autographed picture here.

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