Motorist kills dog, sues owner

Well, if you didn't love America before, here's one more reason to gloat about our lawsuit loving nation.

After crashing into and killing Fester, a 13-pound miniature pinscher that ran into the road in Cloquet, a small town outside of Duluth, Jeffery Ely has decided to sue the dog's owner. Fester snuck out without a leash when its owner was trying to let the family’s other dogs inside.

Ely is requesting $1,100 for damages to repair his 1997 Honda Civic and to account for the time he had to take of from his two jobs to get the car repaired and court fees.

Fester's owners, Nikki and Daniel Munthe of Cloquet, have countersued asking for $2,400, the cost to buy Fester, the time she had to take off work for court appearances, and the cost of buying a dog to replace him.

The case is scheduled to be heard in St. Louis County Court today.

Too bad Fester isn't still alive. We’re sensing with the right lawyer he could pull in so much bling, he could have the biggest doghouse in the state.