Mother: I turned on oven to get son to come out of it


The case of a Minneapolis boy who apparently hid in his mother's oven to escape abuse from his father just got a little more dramatic. According to a new complaint, the mother is the one who turned on the oven.

William T. Hurley was charged last week after he allegedly beat the 11-year-old with his fists and an extension cord because the boy wouldn't come out of his mother's room. He is also accused of burning the boy with an iron.

Debra D. Chatman has now been charged with endangerment of a child, a felony, and malicious punishment of a child, a gross misdemeanor. Prosecutors say the mother knew her son was being beaten by Hurley and still pulled him back into the house when he tried to escape.

When the boy was back in the home, Hurley allegedly continued beating him. The boy tried to hide in the over and Chatman said she turned on the oven because the boy wouldn't "release his hold" to the appliance.

The beating continued when the boy came out of the oven.