Most Wisconsin voters don't believe Gov. Scott Walker's union talk

Walker's even lost the zombie vote.

Walker's even lost the zombie vote.

He's a hero to tea partiers, but Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker keeps getting bad news from statewide polls.

The latest survey finds that just 31 percent of folks in Wisconsin have apparently bought into his line that he wants to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights in order to help balance the state's budget.


The majority of those polled in the Wisconsin Public Radio survey, 57 percent, figure he's just trying to bust up public employee unions.

Sixty-one percent believe that those public employees have a right to bargain collectively. And just 39 percent approved of the way Republicans rammed through the legislation.

In March, a Rasmussen poll showed Walker didn't have majority support for the union busting bill. A Public Policy Polling survey showed most Wisconsin voters would have voted for his Democratic rival if they were given the option of a do-over. He's even lost the zombie vote.

None of this skimpy support bothers Walker and his supporters, who treat him like a hero and have gone so far as to boost the idea that he run for the White House, or at least vice president.

Buyer's remorse?

Buyer's remorse?

Meanwhile, Walker's union-busting bill has been bottled up by court challenges.