Morgan Freeman soundalike ad [VIDEO]

Morgan Freeman is not campaigning against Shelly Moore.

Morgan Freeman is not campaigning against Shelly Moore.

Morgan Freeman has used his voice to play the President of the United States, Nelson Mandela and God.

But the man whose iconic tones once narrated marching penguins did not narrate a new political ad running in Wisconsin, though one might think so on first listen.

Wisconsin Democrats are asking that Minnesota television stations stop running ads attacking Shelly Moore, the Democratic candidate for Wisconsin's 10th district, in part because the ads use a phony Morgan Freeman-like voice for added gravitas.

For those of you wondering why Wisconsin political ads were running in Minnesota in July of an odd-numbered year... well, there's still no good answer for that. But you can stop wondering about whether or not that's Morgan Freeman you're hearing.


In an e-mail to the Pioneer Press, Freeman's agent Stan Rosenfeld said the ad's narrator is clearly trying to sound like screen legend, but it's not him.

"They are close," Rosenfeld wrote, "but no cigar."

Wisconsin Democratic Party chair Mike Tate's letter -- which was sent to WCCO, KSTP, KARE 11 and FOX 9 -- said Citizens for a Strong America's use of a faux-Freeman is "a dangerous deception, meant to confer legitimacy to false, dishonest attacks."

The ad gives you a good chance to test people on their familiarity with Freeman's body of work, so much of which is identified with that famous voice. If they've only seen "Shawshank Redemption," they might be fooled. If they've seen a handful of Freeman films, they'll probably be doubtful.

And anyone who's heard that voice in more than 10 movies will know this is probably a regular middle aged man pinching his nose and talking into a trumpet after a pack of Marlboro Reds.