More on Starbucks union members tiff with police

starbucks-thumb.bmpMore details from a witness on the video and story we posted earlier this morning: The day of Aug. 31 started well for members of the recently formed Twin Cities- IWW Starbucks Worker union. Barista Erik Forman, who had been fired from his post after spurring an organizing effort, had recently been reinstated to his post at a Mall of America Starbucks. A small celebratory rally at the corner of Lake St. and Hiawatha went off without a hitch.

To cap the day off, the 40-or-so organizers decided accompany Forman on his first day back on the job. They piled into a light rail bound for the Mall of America.

When the train pulled into MoA station minutes later, union members were met with a grim sight: a stoic battalion of policemen in light riot gear lined along the station platform.

“Everyone stay on the train!” they demanded. “Anyone who gets off this train is getting arrested!”

After 10 minutes, the train doors shut. After another five, the train went back the way it came as passengers chanted, “Bullshit! Bullshit!”

Meanwhile, back inside the MoA Starbucks, barista Jeff Kelly noticed a large police presence gathering in the mall’s rotunda.

“From what I could see, they were mostly Bloomington police,” he says. “But there were at least two officers dressed in FBI gear.”

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