More MSP-bound passengers experience six-hour tarmac nightmare

More MSP-bound passengers experience six-hour tarmac nightmare
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Just two weeks after one flight heading for Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport was stranded on a Rochester tarmac for six hours, more passengers heading for our airport experienced the same nightmare in New York City.

More than 100 passengers on a Sun Country airlines flight departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport were stuck on the tarmac for six hours due to bad weather and construction delays in Minneapolis.

Luckily it appears the passengers weren't stuck in the same deteriorating conditions experienced in Rochester. The food cart came through the cabin, but quickly ran out of food. Nothing was provided for free except water, but there were no complaints about overflowing toilets or obscene heat in the cabin.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 11 a.m., but didn't start boarding until noon. The plane stayed on the tarmac with major delays for take off.

More from the Pioneer Press:

Stan Gadek, CEO of Sun Country Airlines, apologized to passengers in a written statement.

"Our pilots and dispatchers followed procedure and worked with controllers on the ground to get the situation rectified," he said. "Our flight crew did everything in their power to make the passengers as comfortable as possible and to keep them informed."

The Mendota Heights-based airline will issue passengers a refund for the flight, Gadek said.

Due to the incident, Sun Country stepped up and held themselves accountable for the incident. The airline said Sunday it will only allow passengers to sit on the tarmac for four hours before they return the plane to the gate so passengers can get off.

The rule is similar to legislation in Congress right now that would regulate the rights of passengers in these situations.

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