More Money For More Bickering

It's not surprising that the Minneapolis City Council would consider increasing its pay directly after its re-election. Nor is it much of a shock that it has been a pretext for feuding Council members Steve Minn and Jim Niland to renew their contretemps. Minn's proposal to boost the Council's current salary of $58,000 up to parity with the $67,000 to $71,000 made by Hennepin County commissioners is, he acknowledges, "a larger than normal jump" that must be accompanied by a "pay for performance" package that would require City Council members to keep weekly time sheets. And this, says Minn, is the reason he's been under attack from his colleagues. "The other members don't want that kind of accountability," he maintains.

Nonsense, says Niland, who claims the opposition is to the size of the boost. "A lot of people we represent haven't had raises for a long time," he says, "so there's little support for this."

While Niland has pronounced the proposal DOA, Minn says it's not beyond resuscitation. "There's all kinds of maneuvering and dancing going on," he contends. "We were supposed to vote on it last Friday, but we now have until December 30. Who knows what will happen?"

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