More jive on the Critical Mass "rioters"

Say what you will about Critical Mass, the monthly gala/protest in which upwards of 300 cyclists ride through city streets and spread the gospel of eco-friendly transportation and cyclists' right to the road. They're a controversial lot, as demonstrated by the heated exchanges on message boards that ensued after we broke the story August 31 that police had Maced and tasered dozens of Massers in addition to arresting 19 alleged rioters.

Depending on what kind of reactionary observer you ask, these individuals had it coming because they a) blocked traffic, b) taunted police in mysterious ways that the MPD has so far been unable to describe, c) are bourgeois hipsters and bourgeois hipsters deserve to be beaten, god damn it!, or d) some combination of all of the above.

This topic comes up for discussion again a month-and-a-half later for two reasons: first, the resident she-jackal at the Strib has had a field day with the incident, penning two columns in the past three weeks on her newfound bogeymen. Check 'em out here and here. You won't be disappointed. ("Minneapolis isn’t the only place where the Mass mob has strong-armed the police and City Hall," it wrote on October 8, presumably with a straight face.)

Secondly, Critical Mass supporters launched a website earlier this week in order to "support the victims of the police violence and brutality" and to "help resist the remaining charges that are being leveled against 4 individual participants so that the cops and the city can save face and have someone to blame for their misconduct."

The next ride is October 26.

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