More dogs keeping their jaws to themselves

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

More dogs keeping their jaws to themselves

Minneapolis is announcing good news in the world of evil dogs: They are claiming that their increased regulation of dangerous dogs has put a dent in attacks. The number of bites fell by 12 percent in 2008, from 411 in 2007 to 360.

Fixing up Brownie Lake

It's the little-known mini-lake connected to the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, but some slight changes in recent years make it a must-visit spot if you're planning to explore the waters. Southwest Journal discusses some of the updates to the lake that make a little more appealing, but still a quiet place to relax away from the crowds.

Lawyers in nursing home abuse case now allege Miranda rights violations

A lawyer for one of the defendants accused of sexually and psychologically abusing patients at an Albert Lea nursing home is arguing thjat her Miranda rights were violated during interviews with police. The detective involved claims she tried to tell the women that the interviews done before their arrest were voluntary. Yet another reason to know your own rights in case you get stuck in such a situation yourself when they basically admit guilt.

Alleged thief busted after submitting job application at Orange Julius

A man who applied for a job at the Burnsville Center Orange Julius decided he couldn't wait for a job and paycheck and allegedly robbed some people instead. Unfortunately he left an easy trail right to his full application with details on how to find him. Good one, dude.

Surprise: Teen who refused chemo says it's making him feel terrible

And now the sympathy reports come out: The teen who is being forced by court order to undergo chemotherapy treatment for his cancer is feeling sick after a second round of the treatment. Is this really news? Who thought this kid wouldn't be feeling terrible from the chemo? His spokesman says he has been vomiting all day, which is making him angry and depressed.