More crazy Minnesotans make the national spotlight for violent murder


When does Minnesota make news? Oh yeah, when we have crazy McCain rally attendees, a comedian Senate candidate and now when a person is shot with a crossbow, beaten with bat, run over and burned. Awesome. We couldn't be more proud. But hey, we aren't Wisconsin, right?

Gawker highlighted a Star Tribune story about the violent murder in SW Minnesota. The Coen Brothers stories are becoming real life, they say.

According to the Star Tribune story:

When authorities arrived at the farm in rural southwestern Minnesota at 1 a.m. Thursday and asked Elizabeth Hawes about a large illegal fire, her response was: "That's not my brother."

But dental records indicate that the skeletal remains in the fire pit did belong to her brother, Edwin Hawes, 46 -- the same brother whom siblings Elizabeth and Andrew Hawes talked about killing several times in front of Elizabeth's husband, according to court documents released Monday.

In a plot allegedly involving accusations of embezzlement from the family business, Elizabeth and Andrew Hawes left little to chance, according to a complaint filed in Anoka County District Court. Before Edwin Hawes' body was burned, Anoka County authorities believe, he was shot in the chest by a crossbow at his Andover home, beaten over the head with a baseball bat, run over, and then taken across the state, where his charred remains were discovered at Andrew Hawes' and his girlfriend's Westbrook farm.