More bang for your buck in the Twin Cities

In tough economic times, aren't you glad to live in one of the 10 best metro areas to get the best value for a dollar? You should be, according to Forbes.

The Twin Cities ranked 8th in the survey of housing, gas prices, inflation and potential job growth.

According to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal story:

Forbes examined data from Moody's on the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the United States to determine job growth projections through 2012. It also calculated ratios between median house price and median income for each city. Gas price data was collected from AAA.

In the area of gas prices, the Twin Cities ranked No. 3. For inflation, it was ranked at No. 11. Job growth projections placed it at the 12th spot.

The top two cities on the list were San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Other midwestern cities on the list were Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio.

We're guessing Forbes didn't look at this data from Jobs Now Coalition:

The latest Job Vacancy Survey shows that in the Twin Cities Metro Region there are 76,000 unemployed workers competing for only 30,000 unfilled jobs-or 2.5 unemployed workers for every unfilled job. This is a complete turnaround from eight years ago, when the state's first survey showed 2.5 unfilled jobs for every unemployed worker.

If they knew this, then we can safely assume the rest of the country is totally screwed.

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