Moorhead teen Zachary St. Claire charged with killing alleged abuser

Zachary St. Claire beat Bradley Carrington to death in the man's trailer home.

Zachary St. Claire beat Bradley Carrington to death in the man's trailer home.

It wasn’t the first time he thought about killing Bradley Carrington. But last weekend, Zachary Daniel St. Claire snapped.

The Moorhead teenager was hanging out drinking at Carrington’s trailer home on the 1200 block of 15th Avenue North. That’s when he saw his chance.

Neighbors described Carrington as being sort of a “caretaker” to the 16-year-old, according to Fargo’s InForum. However, St. Claire would later tell the cops that the man had molested him for the past three or four years.

According to a criminal complaint, sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday, St. Claire attacked his alleged abuser. The boy punched Carrington in the face several times and repeatedly kicked him in the head with his white Nike Jordans. After killing the 55-year-old man, St. Claire returned to his Moorhead home and washed his shoes, jeans, and shirt. He later said he tossed the shoes in a river.

On Sunday morning the Moorhead cops were dispatched to Carrington’s home. They were advised someone in the trailer might be dead and “that there was blood.” Inside they found Carrington, motionless, with signs of trauma to his face and head, the complaint states.

That night the cops tracked down St. Claire and his mother at their home. Back at the station, St. Claire — wearing the same jeans he wore the night of the murder — confessed to killing Carrington and told them of the years of abuse.

Another suspect, 20-year-old Anthony Rodriguez, is reportedly wanted in connection with the case.

St. Claire made his initial appearance in a Clay County court Tuesday. The teen faces charges of first- and second-degree murder, with maximum sentences of life or 40 years in prison. It’s not yet clear if the teenager will be tried as an adult, but he’s due back in court later this month.