Moorhead police decry recent influx of Cali medical marijuana

Korey Okke (right) along with the alleged Cali pot and guns police found at his residence (left).
Korey Okke (right) along with the alleged Cali pot and guns police found at his residence (left).

We can certainly think of worse problems to have, but Moorhead police say the latest one they're facing is an influx of California medical marijuana.

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Last Friday, police executing a search warrant arrested 25-year-old Korey Okke after he was found in possession of a pound of marijuana, packaging for over 100 pounds' worth, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a loaded .22 caliber revolver. Between Okke and two other recent busts, Moorhead police have found more than 38 pounds of medical herb since last month.

How do they know the ganja is medical-grade stuff from California, you ask? Police won't exactly spill the beans, but in a press release, Moorhead Lieutenant Tory Jacobson said, "During the course of the investigation we learned that the marijuana that Okke was receiving was coming from California."

"The marijuana that we seized has ties to a recent Moorhead case where the source of supply of the medicinal marijuana is believed to have been grown by a person licensed in California to grow it," Jacobson added.

In a followup interview with WDAY TV, Jacobson suggested that other states' medical marijuana laws have consequences that are felt even in far away Fargo-Moorhead.

"States that have legal growing of marijuana certainly is coming into this area," Jacobson said. "It's affecting this area, there's certainly a market, and there's money to be made in it."

Okke was charged with felony drug possession with intent to distribute, prohibited firearm, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He posted bail and was released pending his next court appearance.

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