Moorhead cop elbowed handcuffed woman, claimed she 'hit herself' [VIDEO]

Matthew Lambert was judged to have acted "reasonably" when elbowing a handcuffed woman in the face. Um, sure.

Matthew Lambert was judged to have acted "reasonably" when elbowing a handcuffed woman in the face. Um, sure. Cass County Prosecutor/Worldstarhiphop

If you're in the market for someone to advocate and/or lie for you, Moorhead cop Matthew Lambert is to be avoided at all costs.

And that's too bad, since he's probably got some free time now that he doesn't have to prepare for a criminal trial anymore. Cass County prosecutors have canceled aggravated assault charges against Lambert, but did release a clip of the violent outburst the 33-year-old inflicted on a woman in custody during an arrest in September.

Lambert's on paid administrative leave as his own department looks into his conduct, if you wanted just one more reminder that discipline in certain jobs works much differently than it does in others.

The tape of just what Lambert did is disturbing, and let's just say it doesn't quite support what he initially told the Fargo Police Department.

To those cops (the incident took place at a Fargo hospital) Lambert said Jennifer Thomas, 47, had hit herself in the face... hard enough to  break her own nose and get a contusion in the eye. Actually what she'd done is resist orders and, when confronted by Lambert face-to-face, spit on him.

As he concocted his cover story about Thomas' injuries being self-inflicted, did it occur to Lambert that there were multiple witnesses in the room? Did he know he was on surveillance tape? How the hell would someone in handcuffs who isn't Jackie Chan manage to hit their own nose hard enough to break it?

And what kind of "disturbance" did Jennifer Thomas cause at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Moorhead that merited an arrest? 

You probably won't find out the answers to any of those questions, as the Cass County Attorney's Office dropped its case against Lambert following the advice of a use of force expert who decided Lambert had "acted reasonably," according to Fargo's KFYR TV.

That "expert" seems... wrong? Even prosecutors agree, carefully expressing that they "don't necessarily agree with that conclusion."

This clip of Lambert's elbow, and the run-up to it, has been viewed 170,000-plus times on Worldstarhiphop. Watch for the moment some poor young nurse has to wipe blood from Thomas' nose as Lambert angrily points at her. What a hero.

We doubt this comes as much consolation to Jennifer Thomas, but let's acknowledge that she's got a much better haircut than the guy who elbowed her.